Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Getting the Facts

It's important to get all the facts before answering a question or giving an opinion.

Recently I heard one little girl ask her older brother, "Can I eat my candy?" The brother said, "Yes," but then quickly added, "WAIT! Did it fall on the floor?" The girl answered, "No . . . . it fell on the ground." The brother was wise and realized there must be a catch. I think if I were that little girl and really wanted that piece of candy, I would have left that little piece of information out too.

Facts are important and so are the sources of those facts. Imagine two people are in a race. One is reported as coming in 2nd. The other is reported as coming in next to last. Not knowing how many people are in the race to begin with, which one would you say did better in the race?

How easily reporting can manipulate the facts and alter our opinions. It's easy to twist things around to get an outcome or an answer we desire.

Do I believe everything I hear? Do I gather all the facts and consider the source?

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