Monday, May 4, 2009

First Monastic Profession -- May 2, 2009

See novices, Sister Doris Schepers and Sister Gail Hamilton make their first monastic profession (video below). Sister Doris and Sister Gail entered our monastery two and a half years ago as postulants. During their first eight months as postulants, they lived with the community, took classes, and participated in the life. After this period, they entered the novitiate, during which they continued the process of incorporation into this community and continued discerning their call. During this time they also continued to study the Rule of Benedict, our Constitutions, the essentials of Benedictine profession, and the traditions of this community. During their second-year novitiate, they were given additional time to discern their call to monastic life and the opportunity to begin part-time ministry. Now that they have made their First Profession, they will integrate even more fully into the community and begin full time ministry.

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