Saturday, November 19, 2016

Reflection: Luke 20:27-40

Saturday of the 33rd Week in Ordinary Time - Luke 20:27-40

Today’s Gospel may be a bit difficult to understand. The Sadducees are challenging Jesus. They give him a scenario about seven brothers. The oldest brother married a woman who gave him no children. This man died without any offspring. However, the man had 6 brothers. Each brother in their turn married this woman. And each brother in turn died, without having any children. What is Jesus saying to us in this Gospel?

These readings invite us to pause and reflect deeply on our lives. How am I living? How well am I loving? Am I sharing the gifts I have? These may seem like small choices in a very big world. However, my choices and our choices affect everything and everyone in this world! What will I choose to do today?

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