Thursday, August 20, 2015

Reflection: Matthew 22:1-14

Thursday of the 20th Week in Ordinary Time: Matthew 22:1-14

Today Jesus likens the “Kingdom of heaven” to a wedding feast given by a king for his son and his bride. The king sent his servants out to invite many guests. However, some of the guests who were invited refused to attend the feast. The king, however, was determined to have a great gathering for this special occasion. He once again sent out servants. The servants once again went out and informed other invited guests that the feast was prepared and the king wished them to come to the feast. Some of the invitees ignored the invitation, others went about their daily business and several others attacked the servants and killed them!

Naturally, the king was astounded and enraged. He immediately sent his troops to destroy the murderers and burn their city. Then the king instructed his servants to go out to the highways and by-ways and bring in all the people they encountered for the wedding feast. The king was determined to have a great feast for his son’s wedding. He would not have his son and his bride slighted. And many people came to the wedding feast.

Jesus has invited each of us to his “wedding feast.” He extends this invitation each and every day. Ask yourself: what is your response to Jesus’ invitation? Do you have an excuse why it is impossible for you to attend the feast: “I have work to do.” Or: “I have another commitment.” Or: “I am tired.”

Each and every day Jesus invites us to his “wedding feast.” It is our choice and our decision to attend or to refuse his invitation. How will you respond to Jesus’ invitation today? Be awake and alert: It may come in an unusual manner or through an individual you may not expect. Jesus will grace us through this encounter!

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