Wednesday, November 27, 2013

God's Presence in the Holidays

I hope amidst all the holiday bargains and Santas everywhere that we also remember Thanksgiving and the many ways God has blessed us.  I'm always reminded, especially during this time of year, of the many people who are lonely, depressed, unemployed, struggling in any way, and those who are grieving a loss of any kind, whether it be a loss of a loved one, a loss of a physical ability, a loss because of a natural disaster, or any kind of loss.

It's not always easy to approach the holidays.  Society tells us to be cheerful during this time, but depending on the circumstances in which we find ourselves that may not always be possible.  Hopefully, for those who find the holidays difficult, there can be comfort in knowing that God is always present. 

Christ knows how we feel for he too suffered, but rose again.  Our suffering in this world, no matter how great, is only temporary.  We are never alone for God is embracing us and continually showering us with love.  Are we open to feeling God's embrace and receiving God's love?

Whether we look forward to the holidays or find these times difficult, let us pray that we may grow in awareness of God's love and presence here with us always.

May you be blessed this Thanksgiving holiday.

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