Sunday, November 25, 2012

And Then a Miracle Happens . . . .

I like the Far Side cartoon where the guy is doing a math problem on the board.  The step before the final solution is, "And then a miracle happens."

I actually think of this quite often as I look at the events in my life.  There are things that have happened to me or steps I have taken that can only be explained by God's grace.

For example, I have no idea how I became a music teacher other than to say, "It was by God's grace" or "A miracle happened."  I had always desired to learn music, but didn't think I had any musical talent.  I really could not sing before I came to the monastery.  Lots of people say this, but I REALLY could not match pitch to save my life. 

I had never had piano lessons either, but then by God's grace, a miracle happened.  I have no idea how my fingers know where to go. 

Learning to play the organ is another example of God's grace.  The organ is a monster in and of itself.  I believe anyone who plays the organ has to have a calling.  It's like patting your head, rubbing your stomach, tapping your right foot and kicking with your left all at the same time.  How can anyone do this other than to say, "It is by God's grace."

I've put in countless hours of practice over many years.  I've also had lots of people put in countless hours to help me.  And all along the way, God's grace was continuously present and miracles popped up all over the place. 

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