Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mission Experience

Part of being a Novice in this community, you get to go out on "mission experience." I did some last year as well. This week I am in Louisville, Kentucky with some of our sisters who live here. This is a fun week for me and I am learning a lot!

Monday I went to work with Sister Sarah Cathleen who is the special needs coordinator for St. Raphael's School. I was only there in the morning but we did a lot! We started out giving tests to first graders, then I got to sit with the K-2nd grades and listen to two vocation talks, and then I got to hear the same talks again when the 5-8th grades came in! Then we went back to Sister Sarah's room and gave another test, helped some 2nd graders with a reading assingment/test. Then we quickly ate lunch and Sister Sarah drove me to the Coalition for the Homeless where Sister Mary Frances ministers.

I helped Sister Mary Frances get ready for a meeting by sorting and stapling papers and envelopes. She gave me a description of what she does for the homeless people and organizations designed for the homeless of Louisville. It was all VERY interesting. The meeting was very informative!

Today I was supposed to go to work with Sister Jeanna who teaches at Providence High School, but they had a snow day! The other sisters who are teachers here in this house also had a snow day! So, we have just enjoyed each other's company today! Tomorrow I am supposed to go to Trinity High School where Sister Kathleen Marie teaches. Hopefully it will not be another snow day! Then on Thursday I am going to work with Sister Barbara Jean who teaches Spanish at Sacred Heart Model School, and then on Friday I am going back to St. Raphael's with Sister Sarah and will spend part of the day with the kindergarteners! I am looking forward to it all!

Another aspect of mission life that I really like is that even though we aren't at Ferdinand, we still pray together twice a day. Here they pray Morning Prayer at 6:20 a.m. and Evening Prayer around 5:30 p.m. Prayer as a community, whether the larger community in Ferdinand or a smaller community like here in Louisville, is so important to us! No wonder I love this community so much!

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