Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow Day!!

Yup! You heard right. Here in the Indiana/Kentucky area we have our first snow day of the year. The world outside is blanketed in soft white and I, a school teacher, get to stay home for the day and enjoy it all.

When I got up this morning, I was so excited at the prospect of completing many, many tasks... a craft project I am working on for my cousin's new baby, Christmas cards for my family and friends, baking for some people, typing the new intercessions for the Easter season, and maybe even getting some housecleaning done in the process. Snow days are great days for getting many things accomplished.

But now it's almost 10:30. I've been up for hours and how many of these things have I accomplished? None! Instead, I have enjoyed the gift that God gave me this morning... a little extra time to breathe deeply, to look at the wonder that He has created and to appreciate the many, many gifts of this day. So instead of rushing to finish my projects, I took a leisurely breakfast and watched tiny flakes of snow continue to fall on our white-washed world. I curled up in my chair with a warm blanket and prayed an early morning lectio. Now I'm taking a few minutes to reflect on my experiences and share them here in my much-neglected space on this blog. Many people may say that I have accomplished very little this morning. I've certainly checked nothing off of my long "To Do" list. But, I think it's been a productive morning of prayer and reflection and a little much needed rest. And now on to the tasks at hand!

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